A palette of chic and elegant colours, a selection of precious and sophisticated materials, artisan craftsmanship, and exclusive conditions that guarantee the success of Giorgio Collection’s Charisma collection.  A “total look” collection for the entire home, capable of expressing palpable luxury.

The silk-blend velvet of the upholstered furniture provides a soft and pleasurable tactile experience, as well as a shiny and sophisticated look. The quilted version reveals an original and versatile geometric motif, perfect also for covering hard surfaces or for pairing with nubuck leather, thus becoming an accomplice to a sensual combination that animates the bedroom.

Nabuk astonishes once again in the original design of the cocktail bar, alongside the wooden rectangles in Black Bubinga with a glossy finish: an alternation of varying colours and textures enhanced by the gold strips that intersect and frame the cladding.

Charisma exalts smoky London grey tones, illuminated by the contrast of black and gold, for a timeless style with modern allure and art déco references.

The Black Bubinga African wood gives all of the rooms enormous personality, establishing an exquisite elegance. The outstanding wood craftsmanship of Giorgio Collection emerges in Charisma’s bold design and manufacturing details, an expression of true Made in Italy artisan skill.

The perfection of the curves, of the couplings, and of the surfaces is emphasised by the glossy finish, which pairs admirably with the precious Alpi grey marble surfaces and with the lustre of the golden steel.

Gold is the underlying theme of the entire collection: from the chairs and the sofas to the tables, all of the bases are wrapped in gold, scattering light throughout the entire home and adorning even the lamps and mirrors, in a play of reflections that makes every detail stand out.

The hand combed wool and silk rugs also enhance the spaces with luxurious charm, featuring whimsical motifs that echo the various colours of the furniture.

As a final touch, the crystal elements, like vases, decorative ornaments, and chandeliers, are made from beautifully handcrafted Murano glass, known for its value and tradition.

The best materials and the finest craftsmanship meet a design capable of exalting every feature: Charisma seduces with its inherent class.